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Gaza massacre brings demand that our MPs act

Helen Whately and Rosie Duffield – MPs for Faversham and Whitstable – are being urged by constituents to demand action from the British government on Gaza’s plight in the wake of this month’s massacres by Israel of peaceful protesters. Supporters can email their MPs – it takes only a few seconds – via the PSC … Continue reading

Urgent: Save Umm al Hiran village

This week Israel announced the imminent destruction of anĀ entire village. Umm al Hiran is home to over 500 Bedouin men, women, and children, who all face eviction because Israel wants to build a Jewish-only settlement (to be called New Hiran) in their place. The villagers value their indigenous agricultural lifestyle and ask only to be … Continue reading

HSBC – banking on apartheid

The PSC and War on Want are calling on supporters to tell HSBC to stop investing in companies that arm Israel’s apartheid regime. The campaigns argue that the bank’s investments make it complicit with Israel’s violations of Palestinians’ human rights. Israel uses military force to maintain its oppression of Palestinians. It targets people with tear … Continue reading

Take a minute to support hunger-striking prisoners

1500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are currently on hunger strike against the inhumane conditions they are held in. The PSC is asking all supporters of human rights to contact the Foreign Office to urge the UK government to take action. This important action only takes a minute – the PSC has provided the text … Continue reading

Tell PayPal to stop discrimination

Online payment giant PayPal is refusing to allow West Bank Palestinians to use its service – even though it does serve the illegal settler-colonisers in their midst. A campaign and petition are urging PayPal to end its flagrant discrimination against Palestinians. You can sign the petition here. The campaigning group SumOfUs writes: PayPal does business … Continue reading

End the siege on Gaza – end the arms trade with Israel

Last Friday the large, well attended London rally on the pavement opposite Downing street was a very sad event, remembering that it’s two years since the last major assault on Gaza, the assault that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians including 500 children. We were demanding an end to siege on Gaza and an end to … Continue reading

Help us resist UK gag on Israel investments

National PSC has appealed to supporters to resist a move by the UK government to prevent civil society from objecting to local government investments in Israel: Whenever we’ve needed your solidarity in the past, you, PSC members and supporters have always stood up for Palestine! For example, during the massive campaign to get Veolia to … Continue reading

The Nakba continues today – take action

Today is Nakba Day, the day when the State of Israel was declared, leading to the banishment of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land and home, and the massacre of many. It is important to remember that the Nakba is not one historical event – it is a process that continues today in … Continue reading

Vote for Palestine in the general election

The national PSC has launched an easy-to-use online tool so you can quiz your election candidates’ views on Palestine in just a few seconds. The more of us who use this in Faversham and Whitstable, the clearer it will be that we want our newly-elected MPs to stand up for Palestinian rights in the next … Continue reading

So many reasons to boycott HP – sign the pledge

An important campaign from the PSC about a company whose products lots of us have in our homes. The list of ways that HP actively facilitates Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is devastating. Take a few seconds to sign the boycott pledge. “Hewlett Packard (HP) is best known for producing our printers and laptops. But it … Continue reading

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