About us

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism.

We are: FWPSC Seasalter group photo

  • A local action group, made up of  residents of Faversham and Whitstable and surrounding areas
  • A non profit-making group
  • An autonomous group with a planning committee which makes its own decisions about local actions and campaigns
  • One of more than 40 local campaigns affiliated to the national Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To raise awareness of the situation of the Palestinian people through a local presence at venues such as market stalls, talks,  through social events and networking
  • To lobby Government, local councils, firms, supermarkets, and other organisations, to ensure that international law is adhered to in dealing with Israel/Palestine
  • To collect signatures on petitions to raise awareness of issues such as the siege of Gaza, child prisoners, olive tree destruction and to build general support for Palestinian human, national and civil rights
  • To challenge complicit firms that benefit economically from Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank and to lobby local government to prevent suchcompanies from being awarded public contracts

We also work in support of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s aims, which are to campaign:

  • in support of the Palestinian struggle for justice and equality
  • for the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people
  • for the right of return of the Palestinian people
  • for the immediate withdrawal of the Israeli state from the occupied territories
  • against the oppression and dispossession suffered by the Palestinian people
  • in support of the rights of the Palestinian people and their struggle to achieve these rights
  • to promote Palestinian civil society in the interests of democratic rights and social justice
  • to oppose Israel’s occupation and its aggression against neighbouring states
  • in opposition to racism, including antisemitism and islamophobia, and the apartheid and Zionist nature of the Israeli state

Faversham & Whitstable PSC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.



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