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Fortnight of apartheid events at University of Kent


Students at University of Kent have announced their Israeli Apartheid Week events will take place across a fortnight this month, from 22 February to 4 March.

The programme will be “dedicated to raising awareness of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land and its oppression of Palestinian people”. 

The Kent Palestine Society added: “This year marks the 5th consecutive year that the University of Kent have hosted an Israeli Apartheid Week and we’re not planning on stopping until Palestine is free!”

The full list of speakers, dates and titles are still to be confirmed, but you can check for updates by clicking here. The line-up will include:

► JONATHAN ROSENHEAD – Professor Emeritus of Operational Research at LSE

“What Academics Can Do: The Case for an Academic Boycott of Israel”
Prof. Jonathan Rosenhead is the founder of BRICUP—British Committee for the Universities of Palestine—and leader of the academic boycott movement of Israel. He will explain what academics and universities can do to lessen their complicity with Israeli apartheid, as many Israeli universities are known to be deeply involved with the country’s government and military.

► RICHARD LLEWELLIN – Former Bishop of Dover

“How do they get away with it?”
Richard Llewellin will give a first-hand account of his experiences as a peacekeeper in Israel and also talk about the current situation.

► BASHIR ABU-MANNEH – Professor of Postcolonial Studies at UKC

“Why isn’t there Peace in Israel-Palestine?”
This talk examines the obstacles to peace in Israel-Palestine and the causes and character of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What impedes a peaceful resolution of the conflict and what can be done about it?


Most or all events will begin at 6.15pm, but daytime events are also planned.

More info on Israeli Apartheid Week: http://apartheidweek.org/


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