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Tributes to Gaza children inspire art show

With pic by Ezz Al Zanoon

A Faversham project to mark the deaths of Gazan children during the 2014 massacre by Israel has now inspired an art exhibition opening in Margate next month.

Faversham artists Bob Lamoon and Natalie Banaigs asked local people to respond to the children’s killing by placing small floral tributes in public places. The idea, called ‘I Remember the Children‘, took off and tributes were placed across the world, with 3,600 people quickly joining the Facebook group.

Following this, Bob and Nathalie decided to produce contemporary works inspired by the situation of children caught up in wars. They invited five other artists to join them and, together, they will take part in ‘A Handful of Dust’, a show featuring creative statements and expressions about humanity.

A Handful of Dust will run at the Pie Factory in Margate from 4 to 15 December 2015.

The image above is by Nathalie Banaigs (with picture by Ezz Al Zanoon) – No current title; in Progress


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