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Huge BDS victory as Veolia dumps Israel


A huge victory for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign has been confirmed as giant multinational company Veolia announced it is pulling out of all its Israeli investments.

The company had been shedding its involvements in Israeli projects and has now pulled out of its last remaining project: the Jerusalem light rail development linking West Jerusalem with illegal settler colonies in the West Bank.

Local campaigners in the Faversham and Whitstable area were among those putting pressure on the company over a number of years, and believe that their arguments helped cause Veolia to be dumped as Canterbury City’s waste contractor in 2012.

The news is a major victory for the BDS campaign – a non-violent way of putting pressure on Israel to stop abusing human rights. Its power has been demonstrated by the extreme rhetoric that Israeli leaders have been using recently to attack BDS.

PSC director Sarah Colborne said: “This victory is thanks to years of hard work from activists and campaigners in the UK joining together with people around the world to stand up for Palestinian rights. This just shows that when we act together for justice we can achieve great things.”


About Faversham and Whitstable Palestine Solidarity Campaign

We are one of over forty branches of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign across England and Wales, campaigning for Palestinian self determination, national, human and civil rights.


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