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Should EU trade rules favour Israel? Here’s what your MEPs think

The EU- Israel Association Agreement gives Israel preferential access to European markets (at a time when Palestinians face crippling barriers to getting their goods to market) and – incredibly – allows Israeli government departments and arms companies to access EU funding. It also normalises relations with what should be regarded as a rogue state. More … Continue reading

Whitstable film night, 12 December: Children in Chains

Faversham& Whitstable PSC invites you to Whitstable Labour Club on Friday 12 December, 7pm. The event will highlight the situations faced by Palestinian children in the West Bank, under Israeli occupation, and in Gaza, which is dealing with the consequences of Israel’s recent bombardment. Open to all and entry is FREE. There will be a collection for Medical … Continue reading

Join direct action against Barclays

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade is calling on local people to join a “creative action” against Barclays bank in Canterbury on Saturday 29 November at midday, at 9 St George’s St, Canterbury CT1 2JX. Barclays has been chosen to feel the pressure of local voices for justice because it holds $3m worth of shares … Continue reading

Fertile ground in Faversham for olive tree event

Faversham’s Fleur Hall was filled to capacity on 18 November for a film screening, discussion and a talk by a recently-returned local researcher about the situation facing Palestinian olive-growers trying to make their living under Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank. The evening began with a screening of the short film, The Uprooted, which … Continue reading

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