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Robertson supports statehood but backs border rewarding Israel’s land theft

Faversham & Mid Kent MP Hugh Robertson has warned Parliament that Israel’s continued settlement-building is a major obstacle to finding a solution in Palestine-Israel – but he has endorsed a new border that would see Israel swallow up land annexed by its illegal separation wall.

Hugh Robertson: supports both Palestinian statehood and surrender of further Palestinian land to Israel

Hugh Robertson: supports both Palestinian statehood and surrender of further Palestinian land to Israel

Many Palestine solidarity campaigners will be dismayed that he proposes a Palestine-Israel border based on the separation wall that Israel has built, which has confiscated large parts of the West Bank, robbing farmers and others of their land and encircling and isolating whole communities.

Following the UK Parliament’s non-binding vote in favour of recognising Palestinians statehood, Robertson  posted the words of his speech during the Palestinian statehood debate on his website.

He warned Parliament that “if there is much more [settlement] building, particularly on area C [part of the West Bank], a two-state solution will fast become undeliverable, and we will be left with the one-state option that is in no one’s interests.”

He added that “we have to recognise that the international community lacks the will to bulldoze £1 million houses built illegally in settlements. We will have to form a new border, probably based on the wall, and then deal with the settlements beyond it if we are to make any progress.”

It has also emerged that Hugh Robertson was a co-sponsor of an amendment to the motion which added a line supporting “a negotiated two-state solution”. And while he supported the amended motion, he also warned that any “unilateral” recognition of Palestine by the UK could cause “instability”.


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