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Palestinian activist’s victory in expulsion row

jarrarSamidoun, the Palestinian prisoners solidarity network, has announced good news in its campaign for prominent feminist and leftist Khalida Jarrar, who had been fighting an order by Israel’s occupation forces that she be exiled from her home in Ramallah in the West Bank.

As well as Jarrar’s own resistance encampment, her campaign was aided by a letter-writing campaign joined by many people around the world – so thank you to any FWPSC members who contributed to these efforts.

Samidoun reports:

With steadfastness and resistance, and the campaign of thousands in Palestine and around the world who have stood with Khalida Jarrar, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Jarrar today achieved victory and the end of the expulsion order to Jericho placed upon her by Israeli occupation authorities.

Announced by Khalida Jarrar in a Ramallah press conference at her protest tent at the Palestinian Legislative Council on September 16, the occupation military courts declared that the expulsion decision was revised to a one-month term (it was initially issued for a six-month term) and, therefore, that the month expired last night, September 15 and thus is no longer in place against Jarrar, a prominent political leader, feminist and leftist representing the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The order was delivered to Jarrar on August 20 by an invading force of 50 occupation soldiers in her Ramallah home. Jarrar refused the order and set up a permanent protest and solidarity tent outside the Palestinian Legislative Council building in Ramallah, which became a center for Palestinian organizing, youth activities, and delegations of international activists and parliamentarians. In Palestine, Khalida and her comrades worked tirelessly not only to bring the expulsion order to an end but to fight the ongoing occupation oppression of Palestinian political leaders, members of parliament, and thousands of Palestinian political prisoners.

Thousands of people and organizations around the world signed the open letter in support of Khalida Jarrar, and sent letters and messages to the Israeli occupation officials, demanding an end to the expulsion order, including political parties, labor organizations, lawyers’ groups, human rights organizations, solidarity groups, members of parliament around the world, writers and activists.

The Campaign in Solidarity with Khalida Jarrar says that this is “a triumph for the Palestinian national position, the steadfastness and willpower of the people in all sectors and everywhere…it shows that rejection and resistance can bring down the occupation and foil its plans.”

Congratulations to Khalida Jarrar, her family and the Palestinian people on this moment of victory. 

Thank you to all of the supporters, organizations and individuals, Palestinians and internationals, who have stood with Khalida Jarrar. Onward to continue to resist the occupation, free Palestinian political prisoners, and free Palestine and the entire Palestinian people!


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