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Boycott Sodastream – and tell the world

Boycotting companies who profit from the illegal military occupation and colonisation of Palestine is a non-violent and potentially very effective way to make a difference. It is also a way that we as concerned communities and individuals can counter the huge financial support given unquestioningly to Israel by our governments.

sodastream protestHowever, for boycott campaigns to have an impact, it’s not enough to quietly stop buying something. It’s important to be public about your boycott action, co-ordinate with others on targeting specific companies so that the financial impact is really felt, and to tell the companies concerned – or those which stock the companies’ products.

A major target for boycott is currently the Sodastream company – chosen by the PSC and by the BDS movement for many reasons you can explore at more length here, but in brief this major company, which has an international presence, has its main manufacturing plant in an illegal colony on stolen Palestinian land.

Check out our new Boycott Sodastream campaign page here – and please share among your networks.

This ‘settlement’ is one of the largest in the West Bank, built on the remains of seven Palestinian villages. It is often defended on the basis that it provides work for Palestinians, but those very workers have testified about the appalling conditions they work in and the lack of basic workplace rights they enjoy.

What you can do

Palestine Solidarity Campaign is asking supporters of Palestinian rights to target stores and chains which stock the SodaStream Drinksmaker, and ask them to take the product off their shelves.

This will hit SodaStream where it hurts – in the pocket.

Stores which trade with SodaStream and give the company outlets to sell its products are playing their own part in aiding the financial stability of the settlements and helping the occupation to continue.

Below are the names of companies which stock SodaStream products. Please write to the head office of each company and ask it to remove SodaStream from its shelves, outlining the reasons why.


Head Office: Southbank, Great Wilson St, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS11 5AD


Head Office: 489-499 Avebury Boulevard, Saxon Gate West, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2NW


Head Office: Currys, PO Box 1687, Sheffield, S2 5YA


Head Office:   Alexandra Buildings, Windermere, Cumbria, LA23 1BQ

Harvey Nichols

Head Office: 361 – 365 Chiswick High Road London W4 4HS

House of Fraser

Head Office: 318 Oxford Street, London W1C 1HF

Robert Dyas

Head Office: Cleeve Court, Cleeve Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7SD


Head Office: 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT

We’ve already had major successes with SodaStream stockists. One July 1st 2014, John Lewis announced it would no longer be selling SodaStream Drinksmakers. This followed PSC protests outside the John Lewis store in Oxford Street every fortnight, and a letter writing campaign. On June 30th 2014, SodaStream closed its flagship UK store in Brighton following weekly protests by Brighton and Hove PSC. Read more here: http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/amena-saleem/palestine-activists-celebrate-sodastream-shuts-uk-store

Get involved – let more companies know they shouldn’t be doing business with occupation profiteer, SodaStream.

And don’t buy SodaStream!


About Faversham and Whitstable Palestine Solidarity Campaign

We are one of over forty branches of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign across England and Wales, campaigning for Palestinian self determination, national, human and civil rights.


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