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A busy year of solidarity and action for FWPSC

We had a really busy, productive year in 2013 at Faversham and Whitstable PSC. Scroll down to see the activities we organised and the campaigns we supported:

Freedom and safety for Palestinian journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is urging people across the world to take action by signing a global petition calling for the freedom of movement and safety of Palestinian journalists.

The appeal for support for the campaign comes after Palestinian journalists were attacked on 17 July 2013 as they held a peaceful rally to launch the petition which is calling on the UN General Assembly to “reassert the right to freedom of movement for Palestinian journalists” and to “address the harsh restrictions placed on them.”


Palestinian picnic on Seasalter beach – Sunday 8th September – 2pm

Last year we had a very successful Palestinian picnic on Seasalter beach. Some people came by car and some walked. Responding to requests for another picnic this year we have pencilled in a date for Sunday 8th September.

Would you like to walk there?

Seasalter is about half way between Whitstable and Faversham. So if you fancy walking the plan would be that people who live in or near Whitstable will start there Those who live in or near Faversham will start from there. Then meet together on Seasalter beach near the Sportsman pub to have the picnic.

Would you like to come? A quick email yes or no will do the trick.

palestine picnic 2</

“West Bank ABC” event on Friday – 19th April -at Whitstable labour club went very well. We had a full house. Richard Stainton presented his photos from his trip to the west bank followed by questions and answers. Richard also presented Whitstable labour club with a framed picture of the photos he had taken of the Apartheid wall in recognition of their support.

Four musicians from Faversham led by Nico then set up and played a wonderful Jazzy selection of tunes to a select audience! We thanked them and gave them each a bottle of Palestinian olive oil for their excellent contribution to a successful eveniing.

We got agreement from the Oxfam shop in Faversham to have some Palestinian Zaytoun fair trade goods for sale or return and sold almost everything (£61’s worth).

G4S – Profits from Israeli illegal detention and torture of Palestinians including children.

Some of you may remember G4S for the fiasco of their security contract at the Olympic games last year. Palestine civil society has called for people of conscience across the world to support Boycott disinvestment and sanctions against companies such as G4S.

Richard Stainton sent a press release about our recent event and included information about child prisoners and G4S contracts.

prisoners day

In order for us to take action we need to do some research to identify a local G4S contract to focus on. The nearest place we can think that G4S has a contract is the Detention centre in Dover. Do you know one?

Lobby the CEO and Chair of G4S to end their complicity with Israel’s crimes

Join the Weekly Protest Against Sodastream in Brighton every Saturday!!
Brighton PSC would really appreciate anybody who is able to support them at the weekly protests!


SodaStream is an Israeli manufacturer of home carbonation systems and refill components. In August this year the company opened a shop in Brighton called EcoStream. This is its first own brand shop in the UK and its opening represents an attempt to expand into the UK market by promoting itself as an eco-friendly business. But their products are far from ethical and sustainable.

Instead, they profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestine through the theft of Palestinian resources, occupation of Palestinian land and exploitation of Palestinian labour.

SodaStream seem determined not to become the next Ahava (whose flagship London store was forced to close following protests). Lets show them that
we can stop the expansion of occupation profiteers.

‘The BBC Trust: Hold a Public Inquiry into Pro-Israeli Bias’ on Change.org
Support for the petition asking for a public enquiry in BBC bias in favour of Israel continues to increase and the gap to our initial target of 10,000 signatures is closing; however, there is still some way to go. The issue may not be in the spotlight of current events, but it has not gone away!

Please sign the petition if you haven’t done so already and invite all your friends and contacts to do the same. As of this very moment, we still need 1,849 signatures to reach our target of 10,000 signatures for a first submission of the petition to the BBC.

Is the BBC biased in favour of Israel? If you think so please SIGN & SHARE:http://chn.ge/QRPPMs

EDM 1062
An EDM has been tabled in Parliament to bring the issue of the water crisis to the attention of the British government, asking for intervention. Early Day Motion 1062 calls on the Government to recognise the dire water situation faced by Palestinians in Gaza and to lobby Israel to ensure adequate water sources and supplies are restored.

That this House calls on the Government to recognise the dire water situation faced by Palestinians in Gaza; notes reports by both the World Bank and the United Nations Environment Programme that found the water crisis in Gaza to be critical and potentially irreversible by 2020; recognises that Gaza is almost completely dependent on a coastal aquifer but that low levels of rainfall have left it filled with inconsumable sea water; expresses concern that Israeli occupation policies in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip mean that essential access to consumable water supplies by Palestinians is hampered; and calls on the Government to lobby its counterparts in Israel to ensure adequate water sources and supplies are restored.


Eight on Hunger Strike: Hunger Strikes are the Weapon of Prisoners in the Fight against Administrative Detention
at risk


Despite snow which prevented many from attending, there was a good turnout for this film which was introduced by Richard Stainton, and followed by an informative discussion.


Jaffa, the orange’s clockwork narrates the visual history of the famous citrus fruit originated from Palestine and known worldwide for centuries as “Jaffa oranges”. The history of the orange is the history of this land. Through photography and cinema, poetry, paintings, workers of the citruses’ industry and historians, memory and present mythologies, Palestinians and Israelis cross and combine.
The close reading of the “Jaffa” brand’s representation is a reflection on western orientalist phantasms surrounding the ‘holy land’ and the ‘State of Israel’ and a way to reveal the untold story of what was once a commune industry and symbol to Arabs and Jews in Palestine.

Jaffa’s orange is one of the symbols that helped build the Zionist discourse about Palestine: a “desert we have made bloom”.

Based on photographic and cinematographic documents, some going back as far as to the 19th century, Eyal Sivan’s film shows the orange groves at a time when Arab Jaffa was one of Palestine’s most populated and thriving cities.

From the picking of the fruit to its packaging before exportation, the orange was a source of revenue for thousands of peasants and workmen, not only from Palestine, but from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon too. Jews and Arabs worked together in the orange groves. These images were progressively replaced by socialist realist images, Israeli style, depicting labor and songs, emancipated women in shorts, etc.: it was the spreading of the “Jewish Labor”, the socialist call to action, excluding the Arabs. In 1948, Jaffa was ruined under the bombs and most of its population was gone. Jaffa’s orange then became the symbol of an Arab-free Israel. An international advertising campaign imposed the name “Jaffa”, like a trademark, concealing the city of Jaffa, its more than a hundred-year-old orange groves, and the history of the Jewish Arab cooperation over this legendary fruit..

Director’s statement
Jaffa, the orange’s clockwork is a political essay unfolding the story of the invention and the visual history of the world’s wide famous citrus fruit originated in Palestine and known around the world as “Jaffa oranges”. While the orange become the symbol of the Zionist enterprise and the state of Israel, for Palestinians it symbolises the lost of their homeland and its destruction. Through a careful reading of the visual representation of the brand, the film reflects on western phantasms related to the ‘Orient’ the ‘holy land’ and the State of Israel and unveils the untold story of what was ones a commune symbol and industry to Arabs and Jews in Palestine.
The oranges of Jaffa, the fruits, the orchards, the brand name and the city – that gave to the fruit its name, are the backdrop of the commune Jewish-Arab life in Palestine before the establishment of Israel, the colonial covetousness, the account of obliteration, nationalization, then repudiation in order to propose a joint historical narrative.



About Faversham and Whitstable Palestine Solidarity Campaign

We are one of over forty branches of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign across England and Wales, campaigning for Palestinian self determination, national, human and civil rights.


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